• Post time: Apr-17-2017

    We summarize it as follows, 1.ZD company provide the clients with free sample for market analysis .   2.Downloading the clear and particular products catalogue conveniently.   3.The special design team services the customers for the customized product.   4.The product quality assu...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-08-2017

    Product performance Waterproof,ageing resistance, good adhesion The gold colour has the function of reflecting the heat away. The cover is flat to reduce the damage probability. The low vapor permeability has the effect of strengthening vapor barrier. Breadth :1M. Other dimension  customized Th...Read more »

  • Splash,multiple protection
    Post time: Mar-30-2017

    In the smelting industry,medium temperature of the heating furnace are extremely easy to form a high temperature sputtering(welding industry for that matter),and solidification of slag are formed on the pipe or cable after cooling.It will make the pipe or cable outer rubber be hardened,embrittlem...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-20-2017

    Compressive property   Press the test, pressurization conforms to the standard with the load increasing Impact property Cutting the 3 meters of sleeve off,inspecting the each section(total section:10) which be impacted for damage Heat-resistant quality Putting 10 sections in the incubator,the ...Read more »

  • Waterproof,Ageing resistance ,Good adhesion
    Post time: Mar-14-2017

    Aluminum foil fiberglass tape is made from fiberglass fabrics and aluminum foil,and the fiberglass fabrics is coated with PSA,using the release paper to prevent the object from is convenient that putting it on the objcet after tearing the release paper. Width:50mm Length:5M Thickness:0...Read more »

  • Why choose Us for turbo blanket?
    Post time: Mar-07-2017

    When it comes to the function of the turbocharger, we might illustrate it as follows : Turbo blanket plays a big role in protecting the engine, we know that the heat generated by the turbocharger, mainly from the exhaust gas temperature, the high-speed rotation heat of spindle connecting the tur...Read more »

  • Post time: Feb-28-2017

    Basalt fiber fabric of ZD used the fiber yarn as the raw material and had the surface processing. Working Temperature is from- 200 to 700 ℃,low heat conductivity and has a good sound-absorbing properties,and its tear strength is greater than 7MPa. Basalt fiber fabric are waterproof,moisture-proof...Read more »

  • Post time: Feb-07-2017

    Why can the high temperature protective sleeve be used to protect the cable and tubing in high-temperature working environment instead of asbestos? It is easy to find that the asbestos will go powder for a long time under the environment of high temperature ,the fiber is very small,it will attach...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-09-2017

    We sincerely look forward to the attention of the customers from all over the world and the follow-up cooperation about our products.In order to expand the scale of sales and strengthen the publicity in global products,we will make a plan of the exhibition in 2017 which is about the heat resistan...Read more »

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